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The PECK page

My research on the Peck family has only led me back only to Wix, in Essex, but, according to “The Book of Pecks” by Herbert Watson Peck, there is a possibility that they came originally from Ipswich, Suffolk.

Generation One

John PECK b. abt 1744, Ipswich/Wix??, m. (1) 3 Oct 1769, in Wix, Essex, Ann SEAGER of Wix, Essex, m. (2) 21 Nov 1777, in Wix, Essex, Ann BOX of Wix, Essex, m. (3) 20 Nov 1782, in Wix, Essex, Sarah SCOWIN? of Wix, Essex, d. bef 14 Aug 1816, Wix, Essex, bur. 14 Aug 1816, Wix, Essex.
Children by Ann Seager:
Ann PECK b. 1770.
Ann PECK b. 1772, Wix (or Ipswich?).

  1. Samuel PECK b. 1775.

Generation Two

Samuel PECK b. 1775, occupation Labourer in Husbandry, m. (1) Sarah _ of Wix, Essex, m. (2) 27 Apr 1813, in Wix, Mary Anne THOMPSON of Wivenhoe, Essex, d. bef 9 Mar 1838, bur. 9 Mar 1838, Wix, Essex.
Children by Sarah:
Eliza PECK b. bef 10 Nov 1811, Wix, Essex, d. bef 29 Jun 1812, Wix, Essex, bur. 29 Jun 1812, Wix, Essex. Children by Mary Thompson:
Mary Anne PECK b. bef 15 Aug 1813, Wix, Essex, d. bef 11 Oct 1815, Wix, Essex, bur. 11 Oct 1815, Wix, Essex.

  1. John PECK b. bef 31 Dec 1815.
  2. Mary Anne PECK b. bef 21 Feb 1819.
    Susannah PECK b. bef 28 Oct 1821, Wix, Essex, m. 19 Sep 1841, in Wix, Essex, William BLOOMFIELD of Dovercourt, Essex.
    Eliza PECK b. bef 13 Mar 1825, Wix, Essex, m. 29 Sep 1841, in Wix, Essex, Jeremiah ELVISH.
    Emily PECK b. bef 27 Jul 1828, Wix, Essex.
  3. James PECK b. bef 27 Mar 1831.

Generation Three

John PECK b. bef 31 Dec 1815, Wix, Essex, occupation Farmer, m. 24 Dec 1841, in Wix, Essex, Sarah ARNOLD of Brantham, Suffolk, occupation Laundress.

  1. Charlotte PECK b. 1844.

Mary Anne PECK b. bef 21 Feb 1819, Wix, Essex, m. William FAINT (1819-1883).
Sarah FAINT b. c1843
Maurice FAINT b. c1844
John FAINT b. 11 Jan 1846, m. Maria CRACKNELL
(Their son, Charles Edward FAINT b. 1882, m. Alice BRABBIN)
Joseph FAINT b. c1848
Samuel FAINT b. c1851
Frederick FAINT b. c1853
Emily FAINT b. c1854
Mary Anne FAINT b. c1857
Sidney FAINT b. c1861

James PECK b. bef 27 Mar 1831, Wix, Essex, occupation Brick Maker, m. Apr 1858, in Wix, Essex, Sarah GILBERT of Wix, Essex, (daughter of Mark and Hannah GILBERT), d. bef 1 Dec 1900, Ipswich Suffolk, bur. Ipswich Cemetery.

  1. Arthur Henry PECK b. 11 Jan 1858.
  2. Smith Henry PECK b. 29 Aug 1859.
    Florence Amy PECK b. 27 Apr 1863, Wix, Essex, d. 13 Feb 1865, Wix, Essex.Clara Constance Peck
  3. Charles Ernest PECK b. 21 Sep 1865.
    Frederick Morris PECK b. 10 Dec 1868, Wix, Essex, occupation Brewer’s Cellarman, m. Martha TYDEMAN, d. 1922.
    Allen Ambrose PECK b. 24 Feb 1872, Wix, Essex, occupation Butcher’s Assistant, d. 24 Jun 1910.
  4. Florence Ada PECK b. 1 Feb 1874.
    Clara Constance PECK b. 29 Jun 1878, Ipswich, Suffolk, occupation Corset Maker, m. 1 Dec 1900, in Ipswich, Suffolk, Thomas Harry STEED from Stowmarket, Suffolk, (son of Robert STEED and Caroline Kate JACKSON) occupation Iron Plate Worker, d. 1939, Ipswich, Suffolk.
    Alfred Bertie PECK b. 1 May 1880, Ipswich, Suffolk, d. 23 Jun 1881, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Generation Four

Charlotte PECK b. 1844, Wix, Essex, m. Jonathon Edward CARTER, d. 1920.
Jonathan CARTER b. 1868, d. 1868.
Edgar William CARTER b. 1867, d. 1934.
Arthur Brian CARTER b.1872.

Arthur Henry PECK b. 1858, Wix, Essex, m. 1880, Henrietta BAKER, d. 1912, Ipswich, Suffolk.
Frederick Charles PECK b. 1880, m. 1904, Laura SMITH.
Edith Ellen PECK b. 1882, m. C F CHILLOCK.
Bertie James PECK b. 1883, m. Alice MULLET.
Alfred PECK b. 1883, occupation Sapper, Royal Engineers, m. Annie _, d. 1918, On Active Service in France.
Percy Edward PECK b. 1884, d. 1905.

Smith Henry PECK b. abt 1859, Wix, Essex, occupation Railway Guard, m. 1881, Emily SNELLING of Camberwell, London, d. 1910, Ipswich, Suffolk.
Harry William PECK b. abt 1883, Ipswich, Suffolk, occupation Warehouse Manager, m. (1) Alice BABBS, m. (2) aft 1910, Lilian P WEBB, d. bef 1917.
Lily Emily PECK b. abt 1885, Ipswich, Suffolk, m. Samuel H GARDNER.
Bertram Ernest PECK b. 1887, Sudbury, Suffolk, m. M F TAYLOR, d. 1916, Dardanelles.
Alfred Gilbert PECK b. 1889, Sudbury, Suffolk, occupation Garage Manager, m. Lilian RALPH.
Ruby Lydia PECK b. 1891, Sudbury, Suffolk, occupation Owner of Jay’s Stores, m. John E MAYLAND.
Arthur Victor PECK b. 1896, Sudbury, Suffolk, m. Lilian SMITH.

Charles Ernest PECK b. 1866, Wix, Essex, occupation Tailor’s Presser, m. 1892, Sarah Jane RUSH. Charles died 1937.
Ernest Charles PECK b. 1893, Ipswich, Suffolk, m. (1) Gertrude M LIST, m. (2) aft 1934, Gladys Amelia LING.
Arthur Stanley PECK b. 1894, Ipswich, Suffolk, d. 1916, On Active Service.
Dorothy Jane PECK b. 1896, Ipswich, Suffolk, m. Arthur ENGLISH.
Violet Irene PECK b. 1899, Ipswich, Suffolk, d. 1900, Ipswich, Suffolk.
Cecil Gordon PECK b. 1903, Ipswich, Suffolk, d. 1913, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Florence Ada PECK b. 1874, Wix, Essex, m. _ COOPER, d. 1944, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Children: Lily Florence COOPER b. 1898, Ipswich, Suffolk, m. _ GOODMAN.

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